Having been leading in the industry since its foundation,
CLWpower is known as Hermes in the battery industry and has many followers.

CLWpower was started in a studio of
16.5 square meters hidden in the lane...

【Brand Story】

The founder, J, grew up in South Taiwan. He used to work at Aurora Group, from first-line business development to battery module research and design. Now, he continues to work diligently and consume professional knowledge.
The reason for the establishment of CLWpower was that original manufacturers would spend at least two weeks on repair and refused to accept parallel imports, leaving appliances purchased abroad not repaired. In view of this, J resolutely started CLWpower, hoping to greatly improve maintenance efficiency to customers' satisfaction. With superb technology and full-fledged services, CLWpower has a fine reputation by word of mouth and gradually becomes a trusted and safe battery service provider.

Constantly Improving Service

Our industry-first Dyson cleaning service has received rave reviews since its launch in 2018,
attracting many companies in the industry to model themselves on us.
Even so, we refuse to fight in price wars and insist on serving every customer with heart. We always believe that treating customers with sincerity will surely move their hearts.
We never use untested, false high-capacity batteries in imitation of Japan but made in Taiwan or China. We insist on using high-capacity batteries made in Japan and are the industry's only company that offers original circuit boards and housings that are free of the risk of overheating and explosion and eco-friendly.

Sound After-sales Service

We provide highly reliable and efficient maintenance services both in terms of hardware and staffing so that customers delivering products by post or in person can feel at home and be impressed by our enthusiasm. Customers can rest assured that after appliances are repaired, a one-on-one repair video will be sent to explain the status of the appliances and tips on how to extend the battery life.