Maintenance Service Process



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Fill in a maintenance request

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Delivery your product

7-11 (store-to-store), by post or in person



Unbox the product received and record the process with video

To confirm wear on the product and protect the rights and interests of both parties



Maintenance days

Return within three to seven working days from the next day of receipt
Return within one working day for any urgent request, with an additional charge of NT$400



Close the case

Send a one-on-one repair video to explain the status of the appliance and tips on how to extend the battery life after the check

Frequently Asked Questions


When should I change the battery?

A.When your battery lights up in red, is not fully charged all day long, or gets weak, please contact us.


What is the difference between your batteries and aftermarket ones sold on the market?

A.We are the industry's only legally registered company that uses "original battery motherboards and housings." We always use battery cells with the latest manufacturing date in a quarter. Customers can rest assured that we will never deliver batteries with only 50% performance left.


Is the battery certified? Is the quality stable?

A.We only deliver battery cells that have passed international certifications such as BSMI (Taiwan), CE (the U.S.), and UL (EU). When manufactured in Japan, battery cells must be tested for temperature (60°C ~ -20°C), puncture, short circuit, and extrusion. All batteries are delivered to consumers under strict quality control to ensure safe use.


What is the battery capacity?

A.We always use 3000mah~3500mah battery cells made in Japan. We will never sell our customers inferior battery cells with a fake label and a capacity of less than 2000mah. Welcome to check our product reviews for comparison.


Why does the vacuum cleaner smell?

A.There are a lot of suspended particles and dust mites in the air. It is relatively humid in Taiwan, which can more easily cause clogging of the filter element and produce peculiar smells. To maintain the best condition of your appliance, we recommend that you entrust the appliance to us for regular cleaning and maintenance.


What is included in vacuum cleaner cleaning service?

A.Vacuum cleaner cleaning service includes a free check on the appliance, Sanitize Service with UVC and ethanol sanitizer spray, disassembly and cleaning of parts + dust bucket + old filter element, and 1 additional new filter element (if appropriate). You can have your vacuum head cleaned with an additional charge.


What other services do you provide in addition to battery replacement?

A.We offer a free appliance check, battery replacement and calibration, code-cracking and editing, spare parts, battery pack design, motherboard replacement (iRobot only), wireless vacuum cleaner cleaning service, professional consultation, and more.


How long can I use the battery after replacing it?

A.Battery life depends on personal habits. There is no certain useful life. Generally speaking, a reasonable range is one to three years. As batteries are consumables, they will get weak naturally whether they are used or not. Be sure to replace them on a regular basis.


Can I purchase a battery and replace it myself?

A.Yes, only for Dyson V6 and V8. If you decide to replace the battery by yourself, we're afraid that you will not receive an appliance check, and there is also no one-on-one check report available for you after the repair is completed. We recommend that you send us your appliance for a free check.


Are there any brick-and-mortar stores?

A.Founded in 2008, we have only one brick-and-mortar store which is in Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City. We are a legally registered premium store that has served tens of thousands of customers. Through us, you can enjoy a highly efficient maintenance experience and sound after-sales service.